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Ultimate Wisdom

Noamount ofmoney will ever make us wealthy. Wealth is primarily a matter of psychology. It is first and foremost a mindset that gets us to where we want to be without being distracted by fear, obstacles, or any of life’s challenges. Anthony Robbins, The World No 1 Success Coach, explains. He furthermore defines that the secret to wealth is gratitude.
Most people in our culture have come to associate wealth only with money, but being truly wealthy means living in total abundance. Being truly wealthy includes all of life’s intangible gifts—loving relationships, living from a place of joy, spending quality time with loved ones, freedom to do the things that matter to us must, feeling like we’re really living our life’s mission—as well as material wealth. No matter how much money we have, it’s never going to be enough if we don’t really master the parts within ourself that keep us from realizing we are already wealthy, with many reasons to be grateful.
It is this resource of gratitude that …