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Sophisticated Manager

Robert Kiyosaki, an expert in financial sector, tells about the rat race in many of his works. This is the race of our lifetime about income and spending, about revenue and expenses. We regularly receive our income from ourpaychecks yet we spend the same to pay bills and satisfy our wants. Then we are trapped in this rat race. We live to pay our bills everyday along our lifetime.
He then divide the income flows into two categories i.e. active income and passive income, while active income means “we work for money” and passive income means “money works for us”. Those who live with a passive income are the wealthiest, and vice versa for those living with the active income are told won't be able to achieve financial wealth. To get a passive income, a person must have business where they do not always have to be present in it as “business owner” or have a very good investment as “investors”. If someone is still working for someone else to get income as an employee, or a self-employed w…