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Wealth Channels

Brian Tracy told in one of his books that statistically, financial wealth in the United States is achieved through four main channels. Four lines that create wealth for all levels of society. First, as well as the main, is through entrepreneurship. As many as 74% of millionaires in America comes from the entrepreneur. Starting from Andrew Carnegie, Thomas Edison, or JP Morgan in the 19th century up to Bill Gates, Larry Ellison, or Sam Walton in the 20th century. They all start from scratch, from the lowest level, to achieve financial success.
The second line of the millionaire is the top executives of the company. As many as 10% of millionaires in America are the men and women who build career for many years and finally reach the highest position in the company as CEO (Chief Executive Officer) or other top positions. They get a very good salary, variety of luxurious amenities, numbers of stock option, profit-sharing schemes, as well as an enjoyable retirement planning. And as result th…