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Wedding Fundamentals

You’re already married now, with two sources of income and a shared responsibility. Although not a romantic, but financial management of your family is the top priority to deal with. So that both of you will enjoy life together and are able to set a plan for comfortable retirement. The hints to do are very simple i.e. only by answering these top three questions:

1. What do both of you want?
Buying a house, purchasing vehicles, going back to school, travelling, or raising children with all their needs are kinds of financial goal in the future. You must identify them properly together in details and make agreement on it. Especially in the term of time to fulfill all these needs and off course the amount of money that needed. No harm also to include on it some counts of inflation and some anticipations of unexpected things considering it’s something in the future. If you’re already done to formulate these financial goals together, then the next hint is to make a budget plan by answering th…