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Misionaris Visioner

Bila kita telusuri dengan seksama sejarah industri dunia, ternyata cukup banyak perusahaan yang berusia lebih dari 100 tahun. Sungguh sebuah fakta yang menakjubkan. Sebut saja Ford, HSBC, Nestle, Sumitomo Group, atau Tiffany & Co. Bahkan Sumitomo Group sendiri, ternyata sudah berusia lebih dari 400 tahun dan termasuk salah satu konglomerasi tertua di dunia yang melegenda (legendary company). Di sisi lain, bila kita telusuri pula dengan seksama sejarah bursa saham dunia seperti Dow Jones Industrial AverageS&P 500, atau FTSE 100, ternyata banyak pula perusahaan, yang jangankan bisa bertahan selama 1 abad, bahkan seperempat abad saja tidak sampai, sudah dinyatakan pailit, diakuisisi, mengalami merger dengan perusahaan lain, dan tak lagi bertengger di lantai bursa. Mengapa ada perusahaan yang mampu untuk terus tumbuh dan berkembang, sementara banyak pula yang sama sekali tak mampu demikian? Faktor utama kelanggengan eksistensi dari setiap legendary company tak lain adalah adany…

Karyawan Senior

Orang bilang pengalaman adalah guru yang terbaik. Mereka yang punya banyak pengalaman akan lebih banyak belajar. Merekapun jadi lebih tahu dan lebih mampu dibanding mereka yang tidak punya banyak pengalaman. Hal seperti ini juga masih sering berurat berakar dalam lingkungan perusahaan. Untuk urusan rekrutmen karyawan misalnya, kerapkali dipersyaratkan jumlah tahun pengalaman kerja terhadap suatu posisi jabatan. Paradigmanya adalah semakin lama seseorang bekerja, maka akan semakin tahu dan mampulah ia untuk bekerja. Tetapi benarkah demikian?

Sebagai gambaran, dua orang pilot, pilot A dan pilot B, sama-sama memiliki pengalaman kerja selama 5 tahun. Pilot A, menerbangkan pesawat selama 5 tahun dengan rute penerbangan antara Jawa - Sumatera dalam frekuensi terbang yang sangat teratur. Sementara pilot B, menerbangkan pesawat selama 5 tahun dengan rute penerbangan bervariasi antara Asia – Eropa – Amerika dalam frekuensi terbang yang tinggi dan berubah-ubah melintasi banyak zona waktu dan m…

Smart Moves

Either today we are entrepreneurs,employees, professional experts, or sales, along our way to manage our financial gain is wellsophisticated, we are all able to make great fortune. Although the sophisticated is actually just simple things, but it requires strong determination, enthusiasm, and discipline to execute. The two simple things that absolutely every one has to do in life to make great fortune is to regulate wisely the expenses of income that they get, and to regulate properly the allocation of its difference. Or if described in a Lifetime Formula: (Income) – (Expenses) = (Savings) + (Protection Programs) + (Investments).
Furthermore, it tells us about the top 3 smart moves to execute with vision, determination, enthusiasm, focus, and discipline to the make great fortune i.e. smart generating, smart spending, & smart investing.

1. Smart generating
What kind of income that we generatetoday? Based on the Revenue Strategy,is it premium, multiplier, or limitless one? What is the …

Revenue Strategist

How much time do you spend to work? Is it 40 hours a week or even more than that? All time that we spend to work absolutely is intended to generate income, so that we can fulfill our life needs, and make savings or investments for the future. But on the other side, time that we spend to generate income is so much valuable. At the same time, even many people can earn much more income compared to what we earn so far. So how come that the same time can give different results? What about without spending that our valuable time, yet we can still generate income that we want? Either when we sleep, taking vacation, or even being hospitalized, the income can be still generated? This is absolutely possible if we are disciplined to apply the concept of compounded growth, where our investment returns is reinvested and so on-to generatea continuous income stream without limitation of time. This what can lead someone to magnificent financial success.
Jay Abraham, a marketing genius, explains that t…

Lifetime Formula

According to Forbes magazine, currently only those who have liquidity above $ 1 millions worth mentioned as the rich. Wealth is thus not measured by how much assets we have, but with high liquidity. So that one can enjoy the lifestyle he wants and is able to face financial risks that may occur in the future, such as inflation, recession, layoffs, or business bankruptcy.
At least there are only two things that absolutely everyone has to do in life to make a great fortune i.e. to regulate wisely the expenses of income that they get, and to regulate properly the allocation of its difference. Or if described in a simple formula: (Income) – (Expenses) = (Savings) + (Protection Programs) + (Investments).
Much income then does not automatically make someone richer. But not to spend money on unnecessary expenses is the absolute one that must be done to develop wealth. Many people call it the delay gratification principle, to postpone pleasures for ourselves. And the most ideal of course, is whe…

Investment Idea

Rome was not built in a day. Whether you’re starting from scratch or tweaking an existing set of processes, you can take steps today, big and small, that will pay measurable dividends tomorrow. Investing, thus, is not just matter of those who are abundant, but for everyone who has fund to invest with strong commitment to reap the result in the future.
Investing is to place certain funds in investment instruments, where the result depends entirely on the investment climate at that time. Investment’s purpose is only to generate greater value than however much value we already have invested in the beginning. But the ideal is to invest in a low risk, but high return, in both near and long term.
Thus, investing means fostering the growth of prosperity, because its value increases over time, and not just simply collect a lot of assets, either goods or property, with values ​​that continue to shrink. In fact, through discipline and the natural mechanism of compounded growth-where our investme…

You Inc.

Alikecorporations, our financial strength also can be basically classified into four stages of growth: start-up, grown-up, matured, & shaked-out. No matter how much income and financial assets that we have today, how long we could afford the lifestyle we want without having to work again and without losing our quality time, would ultimately determine where we are on the financial growth stage.

1. Start-Up
At this stage we are running out of time to work, because without working we do not have enough money to fund the lifestyle we want. Savings is also possessed very little which only equivalent to a few months of salary. At this stage a person is called to be less money, less time. They continue to work for sufficient savings and financial assets.

2. Grown-Up
Once financial assets and savings are enough, somebody still has to work and the quality time he has become slightly increased due to the desired lifestyle which can be funded better. At this stage someone is called to be more mo…

Visionary Discipline

In Australia, its Bureau of Statistics explain that at age 65 the population breaks down in this way:

1% of the population at age 65 is what realistically could be considered as “financially independent”4% of the population is what could be termed as “rich” means they have enough money and/or investments to live a comfortable life without working96% of the population is either dead, financially broken, depending on insufficient pension, or depending on others (family) to support them
These findings must be good reflection for all of us to project where we will be at our older age. The important question is, what’s the most fundamental difference betweenpeople who matured financially and they who does not? Those who are able to achieve financial independence at least at age of 65? The most fundamental thing to convince is that they don’t just live for paying their lousy bills along their lifetime, or to get by, or to survive, or to make it through the day. Along their lifetime they very …