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Visionary Discipline

In Australia, its Bureau of Statistics explain that at age 65 the population breaks down in this way:

1% of the population at age 65 is what realistically could be considered as “financially independent”4% of the population is what could be termed as “rich” means they have enough money and/or investments to live a comfortable life without working96% of the population is either dead, financially broken, depending on insufficient pension, or depending on others (family) to support them
These findings must be good reflection for all of us to project where we will be at our older age. The important question is, what’s the most fundamental difference betweenpeople who matured financially and they who does not? Those who are able to achieve financial independence at least at age of 65? The most fundamental thing to convince is that they don’t just live for paying their lousy bills along their lifetime, or to get by, or to survive, or to make it through the day. Along their lifetime they very …