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You Inc.

Alikecorporations, our financial strength also can be basically classified into four stages of growth: start-up, grown-up, matured, & shaked-out. No matter how much income and financial assets that we have today, how long we could afford the lifestyle we want without having to work again and without losing our quality time, would ultimately determine where we are on the financial growth stage.

1. Start-Up
At this stage we are running out of time to work, because without working we do not have enough money to fund the lifestyle we want. Savings is also possessed very little which only equivalent to a few months of salary. At this stage a person is called to be less money, less time. They continue to work for sufficient savings and financial assets.

2. Grown-Up
Once financial assets and savings are enough, somebody still has to work and the quality time he has become slightly increased due to the desired lifestyle which can be funded better. At this stage someone is called to be more mo…