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Lifetime Formula

According to Forbes magazine, currently only those who have liquidity above $ 1 millions worth mentioned as the rich. Wealth is thus not measured by how much assets we have, but with high liquidity. So that one can enjoy the lifestyle he wants and is able to face financial risks that may occur in the future, such as inflation, recession, layoffs, or business bankruptcy.
At least there are only two things that absolutely everyone has to do in life to make a great fortune i.e. to regulate wisely the expenses of income that they get, and to regulate properly the allocation of its difference. Or if described in a simple formula: (Income) – (Expenses) = (Savings) + (Protection Programs) + (Investments).
Much income then does not automatically make someone richer. But not to spend money on unnecessary expenses is the absolute one that must be done to develop wealth. Many people call it the delay gratification principle, to postpone pleasures for ourselves. And the most ideal of course, is whe…