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Smart Moves

Either today we are entrepreneurs,employees, professional experts, or sales, along our way to manage our financial gain is wellsophisticated, we are all able to make great fortune. Although the sophisticated is actually just simple things, but it requires strong determination, enthusiasm, and discipline to execute. The two simple things that absolutely every one has to do in life to make great fortune is to regulate wisely the expenses of income that they get, and to regulate properly the allocation of its difference. Or if described in a Lifetime Formula: (Income) – (Expenses) = (Savings) + (Protection Programs) + (Investments).
Furthermore, it tells us about the top 3 smart moves to execute with vision, determination, enthusiasm, focus, and discipline to the make great fortune i.e. smart generating, smart spending, & smart investing.

1. Smart generating
What kind of income that we generatetoday? Based on the Revenue Strategy,is it premium, multiplier, or limitless one? What is the …