Pilot Blog Website

I am excited to start the new year by checking off one of my “Bucket List” goals – launching my blog/website!

As a DevOps Manager, I’ve had the privilege of working with various programming languages and operating systems for client projects. With this experience, I’m eager to create a space to share my knowledge and provide proper documentation for those who may encounter similar use cases.

Every project, research, and troubleshooting task requires development and staging environments that closely resemble the production deployment environment. Typically, developers utilize a local development environment installed on their desktops or laptops. Since 2004, I have utilized both devices, but I’ve noticed that they often lack the computational (CPU) power and resources (HDD and RAM) I require.

While one solution could be to invest in high-performance desktops or laptops, this option comes with significant costs. Thus, I conducted research on second-hand or used bare metal servers, discovering that they offer a cost-effective solution for future development and research endeavors.

In 2023, I began searching for used bare metal servers on various marketplaces and successfully assembled a Dell PowerEdge R710. Over time, I gathered all the necessary components to enhance the server’s CPU performance and RAM capabilities. Currently, the server is equipped with an Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU X5690 @ 3.47GHz, featuring 2 socket processors (12 cores each), resulting in a total of 24 cores. Additionally, it has 18 slots of 8 GB RAM, providing a combined total of 144 GB to support my development and research activities.

Well, if you are curious and wondering what I have done with the server, stay tuned for my next blog post. Cheers! 😊